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And the move has been backed by the AA, although the motoring organisation proposes variable limits of up to 80mph rather than a blanket maximum. So in conclusion, we need to follow speed limits no matter how high or low they are.

CW So far you have not given a simple reason why we should not slow down cars in urban areas. There, the speed limit is higher, but motorists run the gauntlet of the rather terrifying traffic police.

That is still far too high. Will higher speed limits make us less safe? Judging by the French television broadcasts I have seen, the police track motorists from the air, Argument speed limit speed guns and the kind of hi-tech equipment which one associates with RoboCop.

This is because of guidelines drawn up by the Association of Chief Police Officers, which allow a margin for error of 10 per cent plus 2mph. Inbefore its introduction, more than 7, people died in road accidents. This system is at its best on French autoroutes.

The oil industry that is so powerful will me made so weak through lack of consumers that we will have yet another credit crunch on our hands. I think that few people except for Jeremy Clarkson, wake up in the morning and define themselves as motorists — any more than I define myself as a cyclist, or indeed a motorist or a pedestrian.

We know that cycling becomes safer if traffic speeds are reduced. One option is the installation of speed cameras across the entire motorway network.

They have the virtue of recognising the reality of what is happening on our motorways. The only thing it will boost is fuel company profits, because no matter how frugal cars are these days it remains true that the faster you go the more fuel you use. This will encourage people to change lanes safely.

These features are all found standard on every new car. And it could just be safer to let them run. We want to avoid accidents, but there needs to be a differential of speeds between different road users. At that time there were just over 2m vehicles on the road. When reporting, please explain why you think it should be removed.

Should we lower the speed limit?

Titles for posts should not try to influence users to view or upvote them. Data are not published for miles traveled inbut does it stand to reason that if miles driven were up, say 8 percent, and accidents were up 5 percent, that accidents per miles driven with the 70 mph speed limit actually went down?

Inbefore its introduction, more than 7, people died in road accidents. But research in this area can be quickly out-dated as carmakers have added technology to new cars-multiple airbagsseatbelt minders that chime until the belts are buckled, electronic stability control.

This may also include contact information of public officials, businesses, or groups e.

Speed Limits

Ergo, whilst the Government are sending out propaganda regarding deaths caused by speeding, their real motivation is the financial incentive.

If lowering the speed limit with rigid enforcement was the answer, there would be no accidents. That is still far too high.16 percent believe "driving over the speed limit is not dangerous for skilled drivers." Fatal crashes have dropped 20 percent sincebut more than 30, people still die on US roads every year.

Oct 21,  · Speed limits have become a red-hot topic in which no new study is very likely to change minds. And since states were again given the right to set their own speed limits inthe debate has grown louder.

Argue for the limitation of speed limits In American society today, there are numerous laws designed to protect all citizens. One such law is having a speed limit. This requires motorists to drive reasonably and consider the conditions and potential hazards, regardless of what the speed limit signs say.

The 30mph speed limit in urban areas was devised at a time when death on the roads was an accepted part of daily life. Inbefore its introduction, more than 7, people died in road accidents. Firstly, mean analysis on the number of accidents relative to the presence of speed limits suggests that limits do reduce the number of accidents.

The mean number of accidents with limits was and in and. Speed Related Argument Database Speed Limits: Fear vs. Fact - An Argument for almost every Speed Limit "fear". Takes on Speed Limits.

Driving the Montanabahn; What others though of Montana's new lack of speed limit. A mathematical analysis of the "speed kills" arguments.

Argument speed limit
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