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In the case of Nike Inc. Brands like Nike are focusing not just on product innovation and quality to cater to the needs of the new generation better. International presence — Nike has expanded internationally fast.

Nike Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations

Nike sociocultural Nike also spends a lot on advertising as well as research and development. It is a smart strategic fit as Nike can easily capitalize on this trending sport with its strong possession of internal resources; it will be capable of infiltrating this new market place with ease.

Using this method Nike could breakdown the demographic attributes, interest and locations of the segmented market population. There have recently been factories in China installing nets outside of dormitories, to catch workers attempting to commit suicide.

It must also time this carefully, as other Nike sociocultural may wish to shadow its release with marketing strategies. For example, in some cultures the wife still does all the cooking and cleaning, whereas in mainstream American culture, such an assumption is seen as offensive.

Qualitative methods of statistical research could be undertaken to gauge the need in the market place paired with perceptual mapping to give marketers a view of participants feeling and attitudes towards the product.

Globally too the athletic footwear industry is growing at a very fast rate. From a sociocultural standpoint, Nike goes hand in hand with the recent concern for fitness in not only America, but throughout the world.

In the case of Nike and its sports shoes, apparel and equipment, the following ecological external factors are notable: Setting the price lower than competitors, Nike could be a strong competitor in the market place for fighting goods.

Sociocultural Factors That Affect Marketing

From a sociocultural standpoint, Nike goes hand in hand with the recent concern for fitness in not only America, but throughout the world. The following technological external factors affect Nike Inc.: It is also having an adverse effect on the earnings of Nike. Its customers too hold significant bargaining power.

As people age, they will more than likely stop purchasing Nike apparel and move on to a more comfortable brand such as New Balance. With more women in the workforce, this has a positive effect on Nike.

Moreover, improving government support for infrastructure, especially in developing countries, gives Nike more opportunities to expand its operations in these markets.

To manage the competitive pressure Nike must to retain its focus on product quality, innovation and supply chain management as well as research and development. Sports leisure has become the largest category across athletic footwear in US. Nike has to constantly evaluate this to gain the respect of its country and consumers.

Increasing individual wealth in developing countries opportunity Increasing emphasis on product safety opportunity Improving positive attitudes about leisure opportunity In developing countries, Nike has opportunities to tap consumers with increasing individual wealth.Under Armour's implementation founded the Performance Apparel Industry.

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Under Armour's Public Image. NIKE, Adidas, Columbia. Technology and Innovation. Emphasis on R&D. Come out with new products for the customers.

Nike Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations

Microfiber clothing that is light and repels sweat. Management Capability.

The Effects of Socio-Culture on Business

Nike Inc. written report Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services.

Jun 28,  · A major socio-cultural factor influencing businesses and business decisions is changing consumer preferences. What was popular and fashionable 20 years. Nike is the world leader in the manufacturing of sportswear and gear with more than 47 market shares across the global (, ).

Nike produces a wide range of sports equipments such as running shoes, sportswear, football, basketball, tennis, golf, etc. When a contract factory wishes to do business with Nike or one its many subsidiaries, it is critical that the owners and/or managers in the supply chain understand the cultural differences across the globe.

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Nike sociocultural
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